Summer in Costa Rica: Las Alturas


By Zoe Wood, Bowdoin College ’18

COSTA RICA: Tropical Biology, Summer 2016

There are several ways to encounter and experience nature, but most of the time we just glaze over the surface. I have always been inclined to hiking, camping, and spending time outdoors. But this past month, I’ve learned that some of the most valuable lessons we learn from nature can come not from rushing to a peak, but from taking it slow and observing.

las-alturas-picLas Alturas Biological Station in Costa Rica is not much more than a remote cabin and series of trails up in the montane cloud forest. When we pulled up to the station the air was cool and quiet; I was immediately reminded of home and felt relaxed. Tell your friends and family that you wont be reachable for a few days, the OTS staff reminded us.

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